Miniaturized sensors and actuators may be used to shrink medical devices for use in endoscopic imaging applications, in collaboration with the group of Thomas D. Wang, Internal Medicine, University of Michigan.

Research topics include:

  • Scanning actuators for multi-photon endomicroscopy:  Design, analysis, fabrication, and control of thin-film and bulk piezoelectric actuators designed to performing targetable z-axis scanning of femtosecond lasers during deep-tissue multiphoton imaging.
  • Scanning actuators for dual-axis confocal microscopy:  Thin- and thick-film MEMS actuators designed to provide z-axis motion for a dual-axis confocal microscope, to allow in-vivo cross-sectional imaging of tissue through an endoscope.
  • Dynamic modeling of electrostatic micro-actuators: Dynamic analysis of large-deflection, parametrically-resonant electrostatic microactuators for a variety of endomicroscopic imaging instruments, with Dr. Haijun Li (Wang group).

As an example of potential capabilities, dual-axis confocal microscopy permits deeper imaging penetration into tissue than most other microscopy techniques.  By shrinking the scanning components of such systems, cross-sectional images of tissue (as in the schematic below) could be obtained during endoscopic examination, without need for physical biopsies.   An example piezoelectrically-actuated micro-mirror and sample cross-sectional images of fluorescent beads and excised mouse colon tissue are shown below, acquired with a benchtop prototype multi-photon imaging system.

Actuators under development and study include:

  • Thin-film piezoelectric vertical actuator for dual-axes confocal microscopy (below)
  • Bulk piezoelectric miniature translational actuator for multiphoton microscopy
  • Electrostatic parametrically-resonated scanning mirrors, in collaboration with Thomas D. Wang group, University of Michigan Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Wireless permalloy electromagnetic actuators
  • Electrothermal actuator testbeds for processing and control

Collaborators:  Prof. Thomas Wang, M.D., Michigan Biomedical Engineering

Center for Optical Imaging

Previous Collaborators (via NIH NTR/BRP and other prior programs):

Prof. Katsuo Kurabayashi, Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Gary Luker, Radiology

Prof. Eric Fearon, Internal Medicine

Prof. Albert Shih, Mechanical Engineering

Sponsors: National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation

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