Micro-mechatronic systems are miniature electro-mechanical devices that incorporate actuation, sensing, and control systems to provide novel functionality at a unique scale.   Member of the Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory: Microsystems study a wide variety of topics related to micro-mechatronic systems, ranging from novel device design and fabrication to dynamic modeling, estimation and control.

 Applications currently being studied by Professor Oldham and his students and colleagues include:

Past projects include

Research topics related to the above applications include microactuator design and control, nonlinear dynamics of MEMS devices, electromechanical system design for controllability, ultra-low-power control systems, optimal controller design techniques, high-accuracy estimation techniques for microsystems, and system identification for sensing applications.

Micro-robotics and endomicroscopy also the primary  topics of the Oldham group’s engineering outreach for secondary education.



(see also: Center for Optical Imaging)      

  Mini. endoscope_schematic

Inertial Sensor Calibration

Physiological Monitoring


MEMS for Hard Disk Drives

MEMS diskdrive_intro  

Principal Investigator:  Associate Professor Kenn Oldham, oldham@umich.edu

Graduate Students:

Jinhong Qu
Kendall Teichert
Yi Chen
Lu Wang
Mayur Birla
Zahra Afkhami
Nikhil Potu Surya Prakash
Lingfan (Michael) Liang


Undergraduate Students, 2016-2017:

Hemione Li
Jiawei Zhang
Goerge Tsirukis
Andrew Holmes
Joseph Tenbroek
Issac Loo
Bo Tian



Alumni (Major Project Date, if applicable):

Jongsoo Choi (Ph.D. 2016)
Jeong Ryou (Ph.D. 2013)
Bongsu Hahn (Ph.D. 2012)
Biju Edamana (Ph.D. 2012)
Choong-Ho (Chris) Rhee (Ph.D. 2012)

Wajiha Shahid (M.S. 2013)
Johannes Domke (M.S. 2011, Freiburg University)
Marius Clad (M.S. 2011, Freiburg University)
Xianke Lin (M.S. 2010)
Peter Park (M.S. 2008)

Clark Teeple (B.S. 2016)
Ran Lin (B.S. 2012)
Tong Zhang (B.S. 2009)

Daniel Slavin
Ryan Rudy
Meng Dong
Andrew Kuo
Paul Barnes
Eric Sihite
Joseph Jang
Christopher Kao
Samantha Kang
Joseph Rivas
Andrew Cohen
Henrietta Cho
Kyle Liepelt
Ramon Alonso
Sung Tu
Chengyun Hua
Shira Bennett
Paul Jones
Christopher Smock
Xianke Lin